How typography can make or break a user experience

how typography can make or break a user experience

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Design Week is partnering with Figma to host an online session where experts from Monotype, Method and Figma get to grips with the effective use of typography in user experiences.
We’ve teamed up with Figma to host a free-to-attend online discussion on how to get digital type design right in UX projects.
For any new digital product, designers must consider countless platforms, sizes and orientations. Consistency of both quality and experience is key.
Typography is an oft-overlooked but vital aspect of this process. Whether it’s call-to-action text on a button or flowing paragraphs of content, legibility and readability go hand in hand with usability. And it must all scale smoothly and comfortably without any sacrifice in quality.
A strong designer-developer relationship is essential, but so is a robust understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the fast-evolving world of digital type design.
On 19 July Design Week editor Tom Banks will be joined by Method creative director Lindsay Pringle, Monotype creative type director Tom Foley and Figma advocacy function lead Tom Lowry.
The panel will be discussing challenges, tips and best practice.
To attend the webinar, sign-up here.

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