How to watch The Game Awards 2021

how to watch the game awards 2021

The Game Awards

The Game Awards are back. The awards ceremony / game conference / concert hosted by Geoff Keighley will deliver a couple hours’ worth of performances (notably, Sting will be playing), game reveals (one of which is over two years in the making), and almost certainly, a few new memes. There have been very few teases as to what we’ll see onstage, but don’t take that as any indication that this could be a quiet show.

A few years ago, this is where the debut of the Xbox Series X was an unexpected surprise. I wouldn’t expect any game console announcements for this year’s show. What you can expect (even if you’d rather avoid it) are some metaverse happenings that aim to give you a more immersive way to experience the Game Awards. Speaking of…

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