How to preorder the Surface Duo 2

how to preorder the surface duo 2

The new Surface Duo 2 comes in black and white variants.

As expected, Microsoft announced the new Surface Duo 2 during what was an otherwise laptop-focused Surface event. The tech giant debuted the new Android phone alongside four new Surface devices, including the Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 8, and Surface Go 3.

Packed with some major updates, the successor to last year’s Surface Duo is faster and comes equipped with an improved camera and support for contactless payments. Pricing starts at $1,499.99, and the dual-screen, hinged device will launch on October 20th. However, you can preorder the phone — as well as the other Surface hardware — from several retailers now, and check out our hands-on to see if it’s worth the purchase here.

How to preorder the Surface Duo 2

Unlike its predecessor,…

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