How to pair Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch

how to pair bluetooth headphones with your nintendo switch

Two controllers is the maximum amount you’ll be able to use while Bluetooth headphones are connected. | Nintendo

Setting up a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones with a Nintendo Switch used to be a multistep — and somewhat costly — process. First, you needed headphones, then you needed a Bluetooth audio transmitter that’d either plug into your Switch’s headphone jack or its bottom-facing USB-C port. Well, after about four years, Nintendo surprised us with a system update that finally enables said feature natively — no accessories required.

Some Bluetooth transmitters, like Genki’s Switch adapter, may still be worth investing in if you want to be able to connect multiple headphones simultaneously (the Switch only allows one set of headphones to be paired at once). But if it’s just you and your Switch, the newer process is no more complicated than…

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