How to make a modern slasher movie

how to make a modern slasher movie

There’s Someone Inside Your House. | Image: David Bukach / Netflix

When Stephanie Perkins sat down to write her first horror novel, There’s Someone Inside Your House, she looked somewhere very specific for inspiration: slasher movies. “I loved those movies as a teenager, and they had a huge influence on me,” she says. “There actually aren’t a ton of slashers in novel form, and I learned while trying to write one that there’s a pretty good reason for that: it’s a really visual and auditory medium.”

The book tells the story of a killer in a small Nebraska town who loves a gruesome murder and centers on high school student Makani, who recently moved from Hawaii for a fresh start after a tragic incident. The book has since been turned into a slasher movie itself, which debuted this month on Netflix. There’s…

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