If we want to have something other than just our name in what are the signatures of our emails in Gmail, now we can use Google Drive to achieve it. We tell you all the information.
When the signature of an email is well done, it is an ideal way to end any email, in addition to the fact that little space can contain much more information than it could appear at first.
Although it may not seem like it, the signature is one more part of the communication, where data appears that can help a better interaction by both parties.
It seems that a somewhat elaborate signature concept with a more professional touch is something that until recently the normal user did not consider important, although in recent times this trend seems to change.
In the case of Gmail, we don’t need independent tools to create great signatures, but Google itself puts at our disposal ways to manage them in the best possible way.
These signatures must go to the essential, without filling them with data, but offering those that are relevant. In addition, the size should not be excessive either, but always making sure that it looks good.
In order to have all the signatures that we want to use in Gmail in one place, we have Google Drive, a cloud tool that we can synchronize with the email program.
We can use a tool that is inside Drive to get it as it is Google Drawingsa little-known software, but which we can use to make some interesting drawing for our signatures.
Once inside we will see how this tool helps us to carry out several different tasks, being a software quite forgotten by users.
We can’t call it a tool like MS Paintbut it does serve to give signatures a touch and for other purposes such as:
Once we have created the image or images of our signature with all the components that we can use from Google Drawing, we save what we have done.
We can even get the odd symbol using Google Docs, whenever we go to Insert and then enter special characters.
With these simple Gmail tricks you can use Google mail on your computer or mobile with much more ease and fluidity to be more productive.
We can use Google Drive so that the signatures are in the cloud and we can use them in our emails with Gmail.
For them we must do the following:
Gmail is more complete every day, you may not know all the functions it already offers and you are missing the opportunity to work easier.
It is time to configure Gmail so that the signature or signatures that we have saved can work and become effective in our emails.
We just have to do the following:
For your Gmail signatures you can use a series of elements that can make them more striking, more professional or with more detailed information in less space.
Some of those additions or ideas can make your signatures stand out from the rest.
Now you know that you can use Google Drive, certain tools and the Gmail application itself to have the best possible signature within what you want to emphasize.
In other words, if you want a more or less professional one, one for every day, one that is even fun or whatever you need, it will be possible to configure it the way you want.