WordPress themes and plugins are supposed to make creating websites easier. Unfortunately, some struggle to find WordPress tools that are simple and understandable. Others struggle to find tools that are suitable for every website design job.

Different WordPress themes and plugins affect the way a website looks and the way it works. These tools also impact the web designer’s ability to build the website. Some WordPress themes create more work for the designer while others limit what they can do.

Enter BeTheme.

BeTheme is like no other WordPress theme. It is a comprehensive solution to building websites and WordPress landing pages. It has a wide array of tools so that designers can quickly create a beautiful working website.

BeTheme has a backend and frontend builder, a WooCommerce builder, and more than 600 pre-built websites. It offers all of this at a one-time fee.

One flat fee gives you all the tools you need to build professional websites. This all-in-one WordPress solution is a powerhouse website builder.

Get to Know BeTheme, the All-in-One WordPress Solution

What does BeTheme offer? Here are a few features that make BeTheme one of the best WordPress website solutions.

1. Backend Building and Management with Muffin Builder 3

Every WordPress page builder has its strengths and weaknesses. However, it is difficult to find one that is flexible and that suits different web designing needs.

Many page builders offer drag-and-drop editing tools. Drag-and-drop is a wonderful tool for those who do not know how to build a website any other way. However, this can also leave designers little room for creativity.

BeTheme makes it so that designers do not have to compromise creativity for efficiency. It offers a wide range of tools so you can design websites the way you want to.

BeTheme uses the Muffin Builder 3 editor. It is intuitive and gives designers full control. If you want to code a website by hand, you can. If you want to use BeTheme’s templates, predefined settings, and pre-built sections, you can. Or if you want to use a combination of both methods, you can do that too.

This backend builder also makes it easy to optimize searches, add sliders, add counters, and much much more. Users can add many elements to their page with this editor to make a truly distinctive website.

2. Frontend Designing and Perfecting with Muffin Live Builder

Developers inside and outside of WordPress are creating intuitive drag-and-drop website page builders. They have proven very useful to many people and have become very popular.

They are a practical tool because they empower everyone to build websites. Now, not only can professional web designers create websites, but small business owners can too.

However, these page builders come at the cost of speed and customization.

These builders edit webpages on the frontend instead of in the WordPress dashboard. Often this means slow loading and even stalling out.

Customization is also sacrificed at times when it comes to using drag-and-drop page builders. Many times, users are only allowed to use the settings and features available on the plugin. If they want a more customized website, they have to do all of the editing directly on WordPress.

Muffin Live Builder is designed differently.

Muffin Live Builder is a lightweight visual builder that does not sacrifice speed or customization.

It has fast loading times so users do not have to wait for ages before the frontend reflects their design.

Also, users do not have to choose between using the drag-and-drop builder or doing all the work from the backend.

They can build features on the backend and refine the designs on the frontend or vice versa. Designers can use whichever editor they want, whenever they want.

3. Monetized Site Building with Muffin Woo Builder

Page builders allow WordPress users to design websites and landing pages in real-time. They make it easier for anyone and everyone to have an attractive and navigable website. Yet, many page builder plugins overlook eCommerce pages.

Page builder plugins help users create home pages, about pages, and contact pages. But they do not include tools to design shopping carts, product pages, checkout pages, etc. Users have to turn to other plugins for their eCommerce needs.

WooCommerce is a popular plugin for creating an online store that works well. However, running a website with several plugins is not ideal.

It is better to use one plugin that satisfies all of your designing needs, including eCommerce pages.

BeTheme offers just that with the Muffin Woo Builder.

With the Muffin Woo Builder, users can design their own eCommerce pages. It even allows them to build their own templates or single products instead of customizing a default page.

It is the only page builder that provides advanced eCommerce design editing capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • Setting custom variation swatches
  • Choosing from 11 different gallery styles
  • Creating design rules for eCommerce pages
  • Switching between Shop and Catalogue mode
  • Adding sidebars
  • Configuring product image settings
  • Enabling wishlists
  • Showing or hiding the cart button
  • Choosing which icons appear in the header

To get this same level of editing control with other page builders and themes, users have to install several extra plugins. Or they need to code custom layouts by hand in the backend.

BeTheme uniquely offers all of these options in one website building plugin.

4. Attractive Website Designing with Be’s More than 600 Pre-built Templates

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