How much has the iPhone evolved in photography since 2007? This infographic provides an overview – Gearrice

An infographic shows an overview of the evolution of the photo quality of Apple iPhones, from the first model of 2007 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
The future iPhone 14s are getting ready and an Apple keynote is scheduled for September 7. The perfect opportunity to take a step back and remember that iPhones regularly rank among the best smartphones for photography.
However, casually, it has already been 15 years since the first model was presented by Steve Jobs. In the meantime, there have obviously been many developments in smartphone cameras and Apple is no exception. To see the progress made by the apple brand, you can consult this infographic produced by SimpleGhar.
This is the same site that offered a comparison to see Samsung’s photo evolutions in 22 years. It is necessary to recall the methodology applied to produce this document: the teams of SimpleGhar relied on several technical data concerning the best-selling devices as well as “those who have made a significant leap in image quality“. Then they created simulations of the effect each device would have applied.on a coherent set of photo samples“.
For Apple, it’s interesting that the iPhone 6 Plus seems to be the one with the most visible advancement in the photo. Funny fact, it was on this generation that we saw the first protruding camera on the iPhone. We were then in 2014 and this prominence had absolutely nothing to do with the very large photo blocks that exist today on the back of smartphones.
Since then, the contrast seems better managed over the years, but the Apple leg remains very consistent until the iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the other hand, when we look at the results from 2007 to 2009 (until the iPhone 3 GS), we are very happy to see that we have come a long way in the right direction.
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