How much has Olympus changed in Apex Legends Season 12? Redditor demonstrates with animated infographic – Sportskeeda

When Apex Legends was initially introduced in the battle royale genre, the game came along with only one map called Kings Canyon. However, as time passed and the game’s map selection grew, it eventually added three more distinct maps for its battle royale experience.
The Olympus map was added to Apex Legends back in Season 7 Ascension and has been a favorite for many. However, in Season 12 Defiance, the map has seen some changes just like Kings Canyon’s Skulltown did.
To give insight to the players on how the map has changed in the latest season, a Redditor named Daughter-of-Dionysus illustrated it for better understanding.
Olympus is a floating city in the sky present on metropolitan planet Psamathe. According to the lore, the lavish nature is the result of rich residents backed up by a strong governing council. However, the city of Olympus was evacuated in 2734 after a contagious virus infected it.
In Season 12, the floating city saw even more changes on the southern side of the map, where the Bonsai Hillside was present. This change was shown in detail by a Redditor, who even color-coded the changes for better understanding.
According to the infographic, the southern side of the map has seen an increase in area, sending Bonsai Plaza even further from the center. Not only that, but the joining between Hydroponics and Bonsai Plaza has received some subtle changes making the passage wider.
Another change that can be seen is that the passage between Solar Array and Hammond Labs has an additional area.
Even though the entire map hasn’t seen a change all over, however, a targeted area modification can still make a difference. This also makes players feel like they know an area by heart, but in reality, things have changed drastically.
All these changes to Olympus with an unknown purpose were brought upon by Mr. Silva, who is Octane’s father in the game. Respawn might be setting up their content for the next season of Apex Legends, like it did with Assimilation.
Sabotaged Olympus can be played by any Apex Legends player in Season 12 Defiance and is here to stay until Respawn decides otherwise.

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