How do I add pictures to Eagle using my smartphone?

add pictures to Eagle

Add pictures to Eagle

For storing references, I use Eagle – this is such a desktop analog of Pinterest. In Eagle, you can store pictures and files, divide them into folders, group them using tags, search by colors, and much more.

Pictures and files can be added either manually or through extensions in the browser. But the Eagle no mobile app. When I wanted to throw something off my phone, I first sent the file to the computer and manually threw it into the application. For a while, I suffered, and then I decided to look into the settings.

If you use Eagle and also suffer from this problem, then I recommend doing the same.

add pictures to Eagle
Eagle Reference Ribbon 

We go into Eagle– Настройки– Автоимпортand specify the folder. But the folder is not simple, but lying in the cloud. I added a folder that syncs with me in Yandex.Disk:

add pictures to Eagle

Voila! Now, you can upload files from your phone to a folder on Yandex.Disk, and Eagle will pull them up to its library. All that remains is to scatter it into the necessary folders.

add pictures to Eagle

Such a trifle, but how nice.

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