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The third and final round of the group stage matches of the 24-team African Cup of Nations will conclude on Thursday evening until the sixth of February..

The 16th round of the African Cup of Nations will take place next Sunday, January 23, until Wednesday, the 26th of the same month...

Burkina Faso vs Gabon: Sunday, January 23 (6pm).
Nigeria vs Tunisia: Sunday, January 23 (9pm).
Guinea vs Gambia: Monday, January 24 (6pm).
× Cameroon vs Comoros: Monday, January 24 (9pm).
Senegal vs Cape Verde: Tuesday 25 January (9pm).
× Morocco vs Malawi: Tuesday, January 25 (6pm).
Cote d’Ivoire vs Egypt: Wednesday, January 26 (6pm).
லி Mali vs Equatorial Guinea: Wednesday, January 26 (9pm).

Morocco and Mali are scheduled to face Egypt, the winner of the clash, in the quarterfinals..

Cameroon and Burkina Faso qualified for the first group, the Lions finished first with 7 points, then the Horse team finished second with 4 points and the Cape Verde team finished third with 4 points..

In the second division, Senegal had a lead of 5 points, Guinea a second with 4 points and Malawi a top third with 4 points..

The third group qualified Morocco for the first place with 7 points, Gabon with 5 points for the summer and the Comoros team with the third best team with 3 points..

Nigeria qualified for Group D with a full score of 9 points, followed by Egypt with 6 points..

In Group E, Cote d’Ivoire qualified for the lead with 7 points, followed by Ecuadorian Guinea with 6 points in the summer..

In Group F, Mali, Tunisia and the Gambia qualified for the group stage before playing in the third and final round.

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