Here’s how to watch the latest Nintendo Direct

here’s how to watch the latest nintendo direct

The new Switch with an OLED screen. | Image: Nintendo

Nintendo is hosting one of its Direct streams later today, September 23rd, where it will showcase Switch games launching this winter. Though, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some news on games coming out later in 2022. There’s also a possibility that Nintendo might show off the mysterious device that recently popped up in FCC filings. We think it’s a controller, but given that the company makes so many strange devices, ranging from the Ring Fit Adventure exercise ring to Labo and modern Game & Watch handhelds, who’s to say what’s in store?

Parts of the presentation will likely be focused on what’s coming in the immediate future, which for Nintendo includes its new Switch console that has an OLED screen, along with Metroid Dread. Both…

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