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A helpful Elden Ring infographic breaks down twelve powerful Great Runes for players by detailing their symbolism and in-game roots.
Elden Ring's incredible world, the Lands Between, is populated with unique characters, enemies, and magic. As they explore the Lands Between, Elden Ring players will have the opportunity to discover and use some of the most powerful items the title has to offer, including Great Runes. Great Runes are rare and powerful, and, thanks to a dedicated fan, they can now be easily explained to players with a new graphic.
When it comes to utilizing and finding runes in Elden Ring, it is important for players to understand their character builds and the runes themselves. The new image from a dedicated fan works to do exactly that, which is why it is useful for gamers to study.
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Reddit user lukaerd recently posted an image to the Elden Ring subreddit titled, "Made this as a quick reference and some more info." The picture shows twelve Great Runes, each with an image and a description. The post doesn't explain the rune drops or their locations in Elden Ring, but it is still interesting for fans to see. The image is an impressive creation from a fan of the newest FromSoftware title and demonstrates how loved Elden Ring is by its players.

Users who commented on the post, while appreciative, did notice that one Great Rune was missing from the list. There is another version of the "Elden Ring" rune, an older and more archaic version. Little is known about this rune in the game world, and it is a complicated magical power with a complex design. The list, however, is still comprehensive and fascinating. Many of the runes are corrupted, or feature magical energy or fire. Indeed, it makes sense that some runes would appear fiery, as fire in Elden Ring plays an important role like it does in many other FromSoftware titles.
While the Great Runes in Elden Ring are not as important to the success of players as Elden Ring's dexterity-based weapons, for example, they are unique to the title and add an extra layer of depth to the Lands Between. It's for that reason that the fan-made reference sheet is so cool for gamers to see. Though Elden Ring is still relatively young, its clearly passionate fanbase is proving that the title is beloved by many. As players continue to explore the far reaches of the Lands Between, they should be sure to watch for more creations from their fellow fans of FromSoftware's latest title.
Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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