HBN Assembly kicks off 'Social Housing and Shared Economy' Campaign – Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO Weekly)

The Historically Black Neighborhood Assembly is partnering with the Louisville Tenants Union, Smoketown Neighborhood Association, PlayCousins Collective, REACT (Rubbertown Emergency ACTion), Root Cause Research Center, and some other local organizations to launch their Social Housing and Shared Economy campaign. This aims to support communities in historically Black areas to stabilize through collective ownership, mutual aid and other resident-controlled and shared power systems. Efforts like this are used and have been used historically in many communities, worldwide, to rebound during and after living through oppression, war and other damaging situations. 
The campaign kickoff will be the Shake That Load Off: Resource Fair and Back 2 School Bash. The event takes place Saturday, Aug. 14 from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at 900 S. Shelby St. within the historically Black neighborhood of Smoketown. Families will have the chance to enjoy school giveaways, free food, family and youth activities, resource booths hosted by local organizations. There will be an outdoor infographic exhibit explaining the Social Housing and Shared Economy campaign and a guided tour will be available to answer questions and explain in more detail what the intentions of the campaign will be. The infographic will also be available on the HBN Assembly facebook page. It will cover the housing crisis and how residents can build power to protect their community interests and find housing they deserve and feel safe in. 
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