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As part of its 10-year anniversary, Guild Wars 2 shares an infographic breaking down statistics including game sales, player deaths, and boss kills.
Guild Wars 2 just recently celebrated a decade of live service. As a part of the festivities, ArenaNet shared an excellent infographic breaking down fun Guild Wars 2 statistics it has collected over the past 10 years, from achievements and gold collected to bosses killed.
ArenaNet first launched Guild Wars 2 on August 28, 2012, almost one decade ago. In those ten years, the game has seen steady, consistent success over the course of three expansions and 35 content updates.
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The Guild Wars 2 infographic shared this information and more. It shared how many times each of the Elder Dragons had been slain individually and together, and how many dynamic events players have cleared. Between the 9 player deaths every second to the 156 trillion damage dealt to training dummies, some statistics shared by Guild Wars 2 are truly staggering.
To help commemorate its anniversary, Guild Wars 2 has officially launched on Steam. Though ArenaNet has been trying to get it on Steam for years, it was only recently able to get it fully integrated with the gaming platform. As one of the most popular distributors of games, Guild Wars 2’s addition through Steam is already leading thousands of new players to the popular MMORPG.
Players often love seeing infographics like the one Guild Wars 2 shared. As a genre, MMORPGs are unique in the sheer scope and volume of content it makes available to players. When companies like ArenaNet collect the data from this content to share with fans, they never cease to bring a moment of awe with them. With hundreds of thousands of active players over 10 years, the enormous statistics capable of being collected certainly put the "Massive" in "Massively Multiplayer Online Game."
Guild Wars 2’s last expansion, End of Dragons, received excellent reviews from fans. The expansion returned players to the eastern-themed continent of Cantha, last visited in Guild Wars: Factions. Since its success, ArenaNet has been re-releasing Living World Season 1–the lost chapter of Guild Wars 2’s history. Though it has not put out any new chapters to the story after End of Dragons yet, it is already working on the next installment. Guild Wars 2 confirmed a fourth expansion pack is already early in development, and a sixth Living World Season is undoubtedly planned to bridge the gap between it and End of Dragons. Players can likely expect to learn more about the future of Guild Wars 2 after the last couple of chapters of Living World Season 1 launch through the rest of the year.
Guild Wars 2 is available for PC.
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