GTA Online’s next big update brings back Franklin and adds Dr. Dre

gta online’s next big update brings back franklin and adds dr. dre

Image: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is releasing new story content for GTA Online featuring Franklin Clinton, one of the key characters from Grand Theft Auto V. In lieu of releasing standalone single-player expansions, the company is weaving new story-focused missions into its massive online mode on December 15th. Despite what sounds like a more low-key approach, Rockstar seems to be going big with this one, including Dr. Dre’s likeness, as well as new, unreleased music from the legendary rapper.

The story apparently picks up in the years following the events that transpire in Grand Theft Auto V, and Rockstar got Franklin’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno, to reprise the role. Aside from new missions, the content drop will include lots of new music. There will be…

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