Google shares its commitment to Matter, promises future interoperability between smart home platforms

google shares its commitment to matter

Google’s Nest Hub 2nd Gen has a Thread radio built-in that will be updated in 2022 to enable Matter support. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Google gave a glimpse into how the new smart home standard Matter might actually work in our smart homes today, and it’s looking pretty exciting. At its Google Smart Home Developer Summit today, the company announced new tools to help developers build devices that work with both Google Home, the new connectivity standard Matter, and across any other Matter-complaint ecosystems. This means that, yes — one day, very soon — the (new) Nest Thermostat could work in the Apple Home app without the need for Home Assistant or other workarounds. And if those two can work together, well, anyone can.

Due to arrive next year, Matter is an open smart home application protocol that promises to make smart home devices talk to each other no matter who…

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