Google says Pixel 6 Pro ghostly display flickers will be fixed in December

google says pixel 6 pro ghostly display flickers will be fixed in december

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Google says it’ll fix the ghostly screen flickering that some users have reported seeing when pressing the Pixel 6 Pro’s power button while the phone is completely powered down (via Android Central). From most reports, the flickers don’t happen when just the screen is off, like it would be if the phone was sleeping, though at least one person says that it’s happened while the phone was on and in use. Google describes the issue as occurring when the power button is pushed “with slight pressure but not enough to turn [the Pixel 6 Pro] on.”

In a support document for the issue, Google says the fix is coming in a December software update and that you can avoid it by not pressing the power button when the phone’s powered down. While that could…

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