Google Home app gets new Photo Frame settings and possible Weather Frog display option

google home app gets new photo frame settings and possible weather frog display option

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google Home, the companion app for Google’s smart home products, is changing the way users interact with photos on the app and on Nest Hub devices. 9to5Google first noticed the changes, which include a revamped Photo Frame settings menu.

Now, when you use Google Home to change the displayed album while your Nest Hub is idle, you’ll see a carousel-style UI that gives you the option to choose from curated groups of photos, categorized as “Select family & friends,” “Recent highlights,” and “Favorites,” 9to5Google reports. Scroll past that, and you’ll be able to see all the albums that you’ve created.

A preview window appears at the bottom of the page, and you can swipe through the preview carousel to see how your pictures will look when…

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