GM recalls all Chevy Bolts for fire risk

gm recalls all chevy bolts for fire risk

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

General Motors is expanding its recall of the Chevy Bolt to include all models — including the two new versions released earlier this year — after multiple fires in the electric vehicle’s battery packs.

GM is warning owners not to charge their Bolts in or near their homes overnight, and to park the vehicles outside when not being charged. It’s also asking owners not to charge their Bolts above 90 percent, or to deplete the battery to below 70 miles of remaining range.

GM had already recalled the 2017-2019 model year Bolts twice after the initial fix appeared not to work. The expansion of the recall comes after a 2020 model year Bolt caught fire this week in the United States. A video of the fire had been posted to YouTube but was…

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