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Purpose of the position
The post holder will contribute to enhance ACAPS work by developing a geospatial analysis workflow, designing fit-for-purpose maps that will help understand and better communicate our analysis, and by developing the organisations capacity on map production. This will ultimately contribute to that ACAPS is perceived as a leading voice on humanitarian needs analysis.
Roles and Responsibilities
Specific responsibilities:
Lead on in-house map production
Ensure effective map production
Capacity building
Qualifications, skills and experience
Behavioural competencies
ACAPS is dedicated to helping humanitarians make better decisions. We want to put evidence at the heart of decision-making. To achieve this, we collaborate with a variety of partners across the humanitarian sector and beyond. We strive to be an evolving platform providing:
Please send your CV and motivation letter in your application throught the NRC platform here.
You can find the full job description here.
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