Get a full Eero mesh Wi-Fi router setup for an all-time low price today

get a full eero mesh wi-fi router setup for an all-time low price today

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

With recent flash sales, console drops, and daily deals that have even matched some of Black Friday’s best, you can feel that holiday shopping is soon reaching its final form. We are approaching the time where you want to give the calendar the occasional check and ensure that anything you’re ordering as a gift will arrive in time. Today, we have a smattering of excellent deals from many areas of the tech landscape, some of which can make an excellent gift for a loved one or just save a load of money for yourself.

Kicking it off, we have Amazon’s deal of the day, which, unsurprisingly, is featuring one of its own lines of products. Eero is a popular option for simplified mesh Wi-Fi that can cover your entire home, and for today only, you…

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