A new Turkey Mode coming to GE’s Wi-Fi connected ovens and ranges this week promises to cook the perfect turkey | IMAGE: Kriech-Higdon Photography

The smart kitchen is getting a little more intelligent this holiday season. Appliance manufacturer GE has a new Turkey Mode for its smart ovens that promises to take the prep and guesswork out of roasting that big bird. It arrives on over half a million GE connected ovens and ranges this week via an over-the-air software upgrade.

The Kentucky-based GE Appliances gave me a demo of the new tech, and it’s pretty impressive. You put the bird in the roasting tin, pop it in a cold oven, insert the temperature probe built into the oven, push the Turkey Mode button (either on the LCD screen of the oven or in the GE SmartHQ smartphone app), and sit back and relax.

Image: Kriech-Higdon Photography

GE says cooking a turkey…

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