Game dev known for cursing at The Game Awards curses at The Game Awards while winning game awards

game dev known for cursing at the game awards curses at the game awards while winning game awards

Josef Fares is known for making award-winning co-op gaming experiences. He’s also known for showing up at The Game Awards and dropping some well-placed f-bombs. Tonight, Fares followed up his famous 2017 “Fuck the Oscars” rant with an equally passionate and expletive-sprinkled acceptance speech for the Game of the Year award.

This time, Fares wasn’t on an awkward tear about the Oscars, but both of his f-bombs were in reference to the moment that cemented him for all time in the Game Awards Hall of Fame. After arriving on stage to accept the award and make his speech, Fares recalled the journey from his 2017 moment to now.

“I was up on that stage, 2017 saying, ‘fuck the Oscars’ and now, actually in a way the Oscars got fucked because The…

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