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It’s no secret that some of the things we learn in school, as well as common conventional wisdom, are actually fabrications. Still, these myths are hard to dispel because they’re so ingrained in our society and general understanding of the world at large. How many times, for instance, have you been told not to eat before you go swimming? That’s a total lie—eating prior to the pool doesn’t increase the risk of muscle cramps, so enjoy that cheeseburger before taking a dip. This misconception, along with 99 other common myths, is featured in one fascinating free infographic from GeekWrapped.
From our bodies to food to history, the folks at GeekWrapped work to correct the widespread misinformation we’ve been exposed to over the years. They do so in an easily digestible way with colorful icons and short, concise explanations. So how do we know that their information is true? “For each debunked myth we made sure that there were at least three independent and trustworthy sources,” GeekWrapped founder Simon Saval explains, “including peer-reviewed research and sources from very reputable publishers.” (The entire list of their sources is included below their infographic.)
Check out the entire revealing graphic here. And if you’re someone who cracks their knuckles or doesn’t get your eight daily glasses of water, be prepared to rejoice—it turns out that neither of those things are bad for you.
Helpful Infographic Design from GeekWrapped
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