Free Distorted Glitch Effect for Photoshop

Free Distorted Glitch Effect for Photoshop 1

There’s nothing wrong with your screen, it’s just the realistic glitch effect. Are you ready to enter the cyber-reality to observe the distortion in all its might? Moreover, not only text can be transformed but also simple logotypes and icons!

I can precisely remember the first glitch effects and action feature on design marketplaces. The rising interest in distorted graphics quickly reached its peak, and it has kept its position for many years now. It sounds a bit amusing that trends come and go, but glitch only gets new visual perceptions. Moreover, creators’ ideas about its new iterations never seem to end!

What’s inside?

  • High-quality PSD file;
  • Color distortion effect;
  • 4500×3000 px, 300 dpi;
  • Help file.

Here, we’ve got a very basic — and a very classic — free glitch effect for Photoshop. It looks just like the old-school corrupted TV image where it all started. The effect is based on the large-scale distortion, which makes it look particularly sharp and distinctive. It will be the best fit for big images with few tiny details that make it get lost. Also, this glitch effect will work for various typographic combinations, and here the most suitable choice will be different sans serif fonts, slabs. However, you are always free to run some experiments and see what will be the right match for you!

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The chances are you’ve already downloaded tons of glitch effects if it’s your jam. Still, every new distortion effect is unique, fitting exclusively your photo or lettering, highlighting the parts other assets didn’t. Let this effect show what it’s got! Gaming thematics, futurism-oriented graphics, and simply any lettering obtain a fresh look instantly.


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