Foxconn reveals three ‘Foxtron’-branded electric vehicle prototypes

foxconn reveals three ‘foxtron’-branded electric vehicle prototypes

The Foxtron Model E sedan. | Images: Foxconn

iPhone assembler Foxconn has revealed three prototype electric vehicles as part of its effort to become a major player in the automotive industry. The Taiwanese conglomerate showed off an SUV it calls the Model C, a sedan it calls the Model E, and a bus dubbed the Model T, all under a new “Foxtron” branding.

While Ford may take issue with the naming convention, it doesn’t seem that Foxconn plans to make these specific vehicles itself. Rather, it wants them to be seen as reference designs, examples of the types of vehicles that can be built on the EV platform it’s been developing, and advertisements for the automotive components and software it plans to sell. In fact, Foxconn didn’t even build the prototypes — the were made by Taiwanese…

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