Two Final Fantasy 14 fan groups collaborate on an information sheet showing how players can best utilize the Limit Break–their most powerful ability.
In Square Enix’s critically-acclaimed MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14, players who form parties and battle difficult content gain access to the Limit Break–a powerful ultimate ability. However, the intricacies of how the ability is gained and when it can be best used is not well documented in-game. Two Final Fantasy 14 fan groups joined forces to demystify the Limit Break, and help players understand how to master it.
Allagan Studies is a group of Final Fantasy 14 players who dive into the math and numerical statistics of FFXIV to optimize the game to the fullest. The Phookas, on the other hand, are a group of three Final Fantasy friends who make helpful infographics and videos explaining the ins and outs of FFXIV. The two groups combined their skills together to present the information Allagan Studies collected in an informative, yet easy-to-read guide.
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The infographic itself contains tons of information; more than the Phookas’ graphics usually contain, yet still a manageable amount. The graphic explains what exactly a Limit Break is within the context of Final Fantasy 14, as well as how a group acquires the ability to use it. It details what game conditions cause the Limit Break gauge to increase, like healing a player at critical health or having a diverse group of jobs in a party. It even goes into detail about how much damage each type of Limit Break does, and what the best situations for each type of DPS to use in a Final Fantasy 14 raid group.
Limit Breaks first showed up in Final Fantasy 7, the first 3D Final Fantasy title for the PS1. Every Final Fantasy title since then has had Limit Breaks, if not a similar mechanic under a different name. It is no surprise the iconic ultimate technique made its way into Final Fantasy 14 as well.
A massive influx of players have come to play Final Fantasy 14 recently, both because of the huge success of the Shadowbringers expansion and the hype surrounding its Endwalker. Because of this surge of activity, fan groups like the Phookas and Allagan Studies are extremely appreciated by the community as a whole. Final Fantasy 14 has been out for over 8 years now–in that time, tons of nooks and crannies have formed in the game. Infographics like these can help teach players both old and new the intricacies of the FFXIV, and help to foster the fantastic community Final Fantasy 14 is known for.
Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5. The Endwalker expansion launches on December 7.
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Source: Phookas Website
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