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Screen Rant can exclusively reveal a Magic: The Gathering infographic that details the game’s accomplishments, in the lead-up to its 30th anniversary.
The 30th anniversary celebrations for Magic: The Gathering have begun, and Wizards of the Coast has revealed some of the game's milestones that have been hit over that period of time. MTG is now the most popular trading card game in the world, with thousands of unique card designs and millions of cards in print. The history of the game is being celebrated in the new MTG Dominaria United set, which launches on September 9, and takes the series back to the plane that started it all.
MTG was originally created by Richard Garfield, and the game launched to swift success in August '93, spawning numerous sets and a professional competitive scene. Over time, the in-game lore would be fleshed out, with the simple monsters and spells becoming part of a larger multiverse. The earliest MTG storylines happened in a plane called Dominaria, though since then the multiverse has expanded into many other planes, each with their own distinct denizens and theme. In recent times, MTG has also crossed over with huge media franchises, including Dungeons & Dragons, Fortnite, Street Fighter, The Walking Dead, and soon, with Warhammer 40k.
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Wizards of the Coast has a lot planned over the next yearm with MTG crossing over with Doctor Who & LOTR, more sets being released, and a 30th anniversary weekend event in Las Vegas. With Dominaria United about to be released, Screen Rant can exclusively reveal a custom infographic that discusses the history of the game. The heroes players can encounter in Dominaria United, as well as some of the more famous icons who hail from Dominaria, are also outlined.
It's fitting that the Black Lotus card is listed among the famous icons of Dominaria, even though it's less of a character and more of a magical flower. The reason the Black Lotus is highlighted is due to its incredible value in real life, especially in an era when rare cards have exploded in value. MTG's Black Lotus sells for thousands at auction, helping to earn it a reputation outside the game as one of the most expensive trading cards in existence.
The launch of Dominaria United is just the beginning of a packed year of celebrations for the franchise. The time is soon approaching for the MTG Netflix series to make its debut, even if it's just a first look at the series, as it's still penciled in for a 2022 release, even though little has been shown so far. The four Warhammer 40K Commander Decks will launch in October, The Brothers' War set launches in November, and Jumpstart 2022 will close out the year in December. MTG's 2023 release schedule has been revealed, with next year bringing fans back to planes like Eldraine and Ixalan, which means longtime fans and brand new players will have plenty to play during Magic: The Gathering's 30th anniversary.
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