Even Tim Sweeney thinks the Dell XPS 17 needs better cooling

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Photo by Monica Chin / The Verge

Tim Sweeney has made many headlines this year as the main character of Epic’s turbulent courtroom war with Apple. But on Tuesday, the CEO appears to have revealed an equally noteworthy side of himself: He’s a Dell XPS 17 user.

Sweeney’s affinity for the XPS 17 dates as far back as September of this year. The executive tweeted a link to Dell’s XPS 17 purchase page on the 19th, remarking that the laptop had “great options, simple view, customer-friendly defaults, reasonable prices, easy checkout.” Further down the thread, Sweeney complained that the high prices of entry-level workstations often drive developers to purchase gaming PCs instead.

Almost two months later, a new tweet suggests that Sweeney has joined the ranks of XPS 17 users….

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