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Updated: Apr 15, 2022
As EHS Daily Advisor’s Enviro, Social, & Governance Week wraps up, let’s take a look back at the various content offerings that became available. Be sure to check out these virtual events and resources designed to help EHS professionals learn about ESG values and principles and how to implement them within their organizations.
Back to Basics | Enviro, Social, and Governance: What You Need to Know About ESG
Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. This week, we highlighted all of our ESG content as a part of EHS Daily Advisor’s Enviro, Social, & Governance Week. Here’s what you need to know about ESG.
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Panel Discussion | Prioritizing and Maximizing ESG in Your Organization
Sponsored by Avetta
Moderator: Subena Colligan, Principal Coach, S. Colligan Coaching
PanelistsAdele Abrams, President, Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.; Claire V. Beich, President/Owner, Ascend Consulting EHS, LLC
In this engaging discussion, our panel of industry experts discussed why organizations should prioritize ESG and how it impacts the hiring of managers and selection of contractors. The panel also examined how ESG can help with leadership development and employee retention.
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Infographic: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in ESG Management
As more companies begin to prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values and principles, many leaders will be wondering how to implement ESG programs in their workplaces. Here are the most common mistakes that leaders make in ESG management as outlined in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.
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Educational Session | Change Makers: How to Empower your Employees to Drive ESG Strategies
Sponsored by Cority
Presented by: Krystal Truax, Director of Product Management for the Environmental and Sustainability Clouds, Cority
Not sure where to start to drive real change in sustainability and ESG throughout your organization? The simple answer is: your people. In this webinar, we discussed the benefits of forming a Sustainability Committee, tactics for driving participation and engagement, the role of technology in managing ESG strategies, and examples of employee-sourced sustainability-focused initiatives.
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Ask the Expert | Ask the Expert: Adele Abrams on ESG 
In this special Enviro, Social, & Governance Week installment of Ask the Expert, we heard from Adele Abrams, who is an attorney, safety professional, and trainer. We reached out to ask her about the legal contexts and potential future of ESG in the workplace. Here’s what she had to say.
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Educational Session | Using Technology to Achieve Your ESG Goals
Sponsored by Alcumus
Presented by: David Picton, SVP of Sustainability, and Nicola Barker, VP of Product, Alcumus
ESG technology has become pivotal to digitize processes to help to track, manage, report, and improve sustainable outcomes. In this webinar with Alcumus, we learned about what to consider for IMPACT in an ESG strategy, data visibility in ESG, setting targets and tracking data, considerations when choosing technology, and lessons from recent use cases.
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Faces of EHS: Subena Colligan on Environmental, Social, and Governance
For this special Enviro, Social, & Governance Week (ESG) edition of Faces of EHS, we sat down with Subena Colligan of S. Colligan Coaching to discuss her influences, lessons learned, and the ins and outs of ESG.
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Educational Session | ESG and EHS – Why and How the EHS Professional’s Job is Changing
Sponsored by Intelex
Presented by: Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate & Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex
In this live session and Q&A, we joined Trevor Bronson, Strategic Development Manager at Intelex, to learn all about the emergence of ESG and what it means for EHS professionals moving forward. Attendees heard about what ESG is and what it isn’t, why ESG has emerged as such a hot topic in the corporate world, how ESG is changing the expectations for tomorrow’s EHS professionals, and the tactical and managerial changes that EHS professionals should expect to make in the wake of ESG to position themselves and their business for success.
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The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires pictograms on labels to alert users of the chemical hazards to which they may be exposed. Each pictogram consists of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazard(s). The pictogram on the label is determined by the chemical hazard classification.
Do your employees know how to handle hazardous materials safely? Here are 11 basic rules all employees who handle hazardous materials should know and follow.
Why reinvent the wheel when there are so many ready-made safety observances to link up to? The National Safety Council (NSC) publishes an annual list of safety meeting topics. Here are some highlights.
It’s no secret that sustainability and ESG initiatives are rising to the top of the corporate priority list. As ESG performance continues to play a larger role in financial decisions and access to capital, organizations are actively aligning their overall strategy with sustainability goals to remain competitive and resilient. Learn from other EHS and ESG […]Workplace emergencies are an enduring reality, meaning workplaces must keep an employee’s emergency skills as sharp as possible, even with pandemic disruptions. Because employers are facing more challenges than ever in keeping training on target during these challenging times, education providers must build the infrastructure to support new learning methods. They must also make efforts […]In the next coming year, workplaces are going to go through an extensive transitional period in terms of both physical and psychological safety. We have interviewed a total of nine industry professionals specializing in areas such as behavioral safety, Lean manufacturing, and general workplace safety to gather information on what trends they think we will […]An imminent labor shortage in key regions is set to shake up global supply chains. According to the latest research by Korn Ferry, businesses across the globe could be dealing with a labor shortage of 85.2 million skilled workers by 2030. The dent in revenues is projected to be around $8.45 trillion or the combined […]Are you an environment, health, and safety (EHS) professional with something to contribute to your professional community? If so, we want to hear from you! As we build the EHS Daily Advisor community, we are looking for professionals, managers, and executives to be a part of our Faces of EHS profile series as well as contribute thoughtful content that can help our colleagues in the field with their compliance and cultural efforts.

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