eBay introduces an interactive 3D sneaker viewer

ebay introduces an interactive 3d sneaker viewer

Photo by eBay

eBay now lets you get a 360-degree look at some of the sneakers it has for sale, all thanks to its handy new 3D viewing tool, called eBay 3D true view. In a post on eBay’s website, the e-commerce platform said that the feature will let sellers add interactive images of their sneakers to listings. It’s partnering with Unity, a platform that can be used for real-time 3D modeling, to pilot the feature.

Starting this month, eBay says that select sneaker sellers will get the chance to try out the feature, however, the 3D images will only be viewable from its iOS or Android app. To use it, sellers will have to use a proprietary app to take a video of their sneakers from all…

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