Duolingo adds a family plan and new ways to learn non-Latin characters

duolingo adds a family plan and new ways to learn non-latin characters

Image: Duolingo

At Duolingo’s virtual conference, the company is announcing that it will add a family plan to its app, along with new games and puzzles to help people learn languages that use non-Latin alphabets, such as Japanese or Arabic. One of the main new features is a tab that will appear for some languages, which shows users a grid of letters in an alphabet, along with the sounds they make. (If you’re an Android user, the feature may sound familiar as it’s been available on that platform, but now it’s coming to iOS and the web.)

The family plan will give six people (the subscriber, who becomes the family manager, and five others) the benefits of Duolingo Plus, which includes no ads, unlimited hearts, mastery quizzes, and more. It costs $120 a…

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