DoorDash launches ‘ultra-fast’ delivery in NYC, with couriers who are actual employees

doordash launches ‘ultra-fast’ delivery in nyc

DoorDash “fast” delivery comes to New York Cityfv | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Food delivery platform DoorDash has launched its “ultra-fast” DashMart delivery service in New York City because apparently delivery couriers aren’t already frazzled enough and no one can possibly wait more than 15 minutes for anything (not quite what Andy Warhol predicted, but we’re way past that now).

However, there is a key difference between the delivery jobs on the main DoorDash platform and positions with the new DashMart fast delivery service: DashMart workers will be part of what the company calls DashCorps, considered full- and part-time employees — instead of independent contractors — and many will be eligible for benefits. DashCorps workers will have set schedules and be paid $15 per hour, plus tips, the company said.


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