Don’t buy a monitor or TV just for HDMI 2.1 — read the fine print or you might get fooled

don’t buy a monitor or tv just for hdmi 2.1 — read the fine print or you might get fooled

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Four years running, we’ve been jazzed by the potential of HDMI 2.1 — the relatively new video connector standard that can provide variable refresh rates (VRR), automatic low latency connections (ALLM), and of course, a giant pipe with 48Gbps of bandwidth (and fixed rate signaling) to deliver up to 10K resolution and up to a 120Hz refresh rate depending on your cable and compression.

But today, I’m learning that not only are all of those features technically optional, but that the HDMI standards body owner actually encourages TV and monitor manufacturers that have none of those things — zip, zilch, zero — to effectively lie and call them “HDMI 2.1” anyhow.

That’s the word from TFTCentral, which confronted the HDMI Licensing Administrator…

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