Done your Wordle for the day? Try out these spoofs instead

done your wordle for the day? try out these spoofs instead

The stupidest (and hence best) Wordle spoof we’ve seen: Letterle. | Image: @edjeff

Part of the charm of Wordle — this season’s must-play puzzle game — is that you can only do it once a day. But that’s also part of the frustration, too.

For while it is wonderful to think to yourself: “Ah, a coffee break. Time to sit down and do my Wordle” (part and parcel of the indulgent “treat brain” we all seem to have developed during the pandemic), you sometimes want to scratch that puzzle itch just a little longer.

With that in mind, here are some of the best and stupidest Wordle spoofs we’ve seen so far. They either push the format to ridiculous degrees, offer genuinely fun challenges, or are single-click jokes that may, at least, help temporarily release you of your Wordle cravings.

1) Sweardle

This one does…

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