Procreate gives you the power to create professional-quality artwork on the go using just your iPad and an Apple Pencil. The award-winning software is praised by artists around the world thanks to its unique ability to mimic traditional artistic techniques like painting and sketching in digital form. 

Domestika, the fastest-growing platform for online creative courses, offers in-depth lessons known as Domestika Basics that are led by top creative experts and designed to help you learn to use professional programs like Procreate from scratch.  


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Domestika Basics: Learn to Use Creative Software Like a Pro

Made up of a series of four to seven comprehensive courses, a Domestika Basics gives you the knowledge you need to use industry-leading software and its tools like a professional. Each course features easy-to-follow screencast lessons you can take part in alongside top creative experts. They are suited to beginners, as well as professionals looking to strengthen their skill set or get an insight into how other artists use the software. Students of Domestika Basics also receive signed certificates they can share as part of their portfolio.

Check out all the Domestika Basics which are currently at US$9.99 each this week only! Use the code THEDESIGNEST-10 for an extra 10% off any of the courses. 

Procreate for Beginners Course Review

Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101 is one of Domestika’s most recent Basics courses. It’s already seen over 1400 students take part and received 100% positive reviews. 
The course takes you step-by-step through the tools and features Procreate offers alongside designer and illustrator Brad Woodard. Having founded his own studio, he knows a thing or two about design and uses Procreate as part of his professional practice. In this course, he shares his expertise to help you enhance your creative ability and start designing digitally.  
The course begins with an introduction to the essentials of Procreate. You’ll explore its tools and interface before looking at how to set up your software and customize it with gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Next, Brad dives into the basics of making, smudging, and erasing marks in Procreate’s famous Brush Studio, using color, and inserting images and text into your project.  

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