Dobbs Decision Sets Off Wave Of Female Voter Registration [Infographic] – Forbes

After the Supreme Court overturned abortion precedent Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, women have been leading voter registration counts in several U.S. states. According to data published by CEO Tom Bonier of political data company Targetsmart, new female voters outnumbered males by at least 10 percentage points in nine U.S. states as of mid-August.
The most extreme example of this female registration slant happened in Kansas, where a referendum in early August reaffirmed state constitutional protections for abortions. While several more abortion referendums will appear on ballots in the November midterms, the Kansas one was the first to take place post-Dobbs, showing how questions around abortion access can mobilize women to register and then turn out to vote.
This chart shows the share of women among newly registered voters after June 24, 2022, by U.S. … [+] state* (in percent).
New female voter registration shares were also high in three states where abortions have become illegal following the Supreme Court ruling—Idaho, Wisconsin and Louisiana. While no ballot questions are expected in these states, Pennsylvania could see a constitutional referendum in 2023. The state where abortions have remained legal and the government is split between a Republican legislature and a Democratic governor has seen the share of new female voter registrations surpass the share of male ones by 12 percentage points. Women voters do outnumber male voters in almost all states, but not by this large a margin.
As any legislation for or against abortions in Pennsylvania would likely stall with the current government, a constitutional amendment via the ballot box is a way for the Republican legislature to restrict the practice. The Kansas referendum, which was also put on the ballot by Republican lawmakers, shows that there can be heavy pushback to such initiatives, however.
Both sides want constitutional amendments
A ballot initiative from the other side of the issue is expected in Michigan, where a pro-abortion amendment has garnered overwhelming public support and has been recommended for the November ballot. Abortions in the state have remained in legal limbo since June but voter registration had not seen a surge of women newly registering as of mid-August. Like Kansas and Pennsylvania, Michigan has a Republican-led legislature and a Democratic governor.
Female voter registration activity in states where abortion rights are well protected was less pronounced, with only Colorado seeing a gender gap of at least 10 percentage points. Yet, states where laws are protecting abortion access are also holding referendums this fall, namely California and Vermont. Since state laws are more easily overturned, these states are now also pursuing constitutional ballot initiatives to further cement abortion rights. Republican-controlled Kentucky is going the opposite direction in November, trying to follow up on a newly enacted anti-abortion law with a constitutional amendment.

Charted by Statista