DJI’s smartphone gimbal is now a selfie stick, too

dji’s smartphone gimbal is now a selfie stick

DJI just released the Osmo Mobile 5, a new smartphone gimbal, which includes a telescoping selfie stick (okay, sure, an “extension rod”) built right into the handle.

The OM 5 retains the same foldable design principle as its predecessors but with some minor changes. The gimbal is slightly smaller and lighter this year. And eagle-eyed users will notice the angle of the handle is more acute than before to accommodate for the 8.4-inch selfie stick. I worry it might make it less comfortable, but we won’t know until we actually check it out in person. There’s also a new button on the handle, which will let you quickly access some of the core OM 5 features. But with the changes in design, the battery life is taking a huge hit. While the OM 4…

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