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Destiny 2 player FmladUpdates creates a helpful infographic that shows all of the debuff and buff stacking possible in Bungie’s online shooter.
Although Destiny 2 might not be a true MMORPG, there are various elements of the game that seek to replicate that experience. And when players are in an endgame activity, the ability to buff teammates and debuff enemies AND knowing which ones are the best can prove essential for success.
While there are some debuffs and buffs that are common knowledge for Destiny 2 players, some might not be aware of all the debuffs and buffs that are available. On top of that, there are a lot of debuffs and buffs that don’t stack with each other, so players may want to know which ones are the best to use.
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To that end, FmladUpdates has created a very useful Destiny 2 infographic that details some of the broader Destiny 2 debuffs and buffs. The infographic is very useful because it clearly outlines which abilities, exotic armor pieces, mods, and weapons offer specific benefits and what those benefits are.
Check out the infographic below:
At one point, many of the debuffs available in Destiny 2 would stack, but Bungie eventually made a change so only the highest percentage benefit would be active. Any debuffs or buffs that were applied to a player or fireteam and only gave a lower benefit would simply not be active until the higher value buff or debuff ran out.
For example, standing in a Warlock's Well of Radiance and an Empowering Rift would only give the 25% damage buff of the Well. But if the Well of Radiance ran out and the fireteam was still standing in an active Empowering Rift, then the 20% damage buff would take over.
While Destiny 2 payers may be familiar with the global buffs and debuffs that are available, there are a few outliers that they may not be aware of. The buff from the Lumina exotic hand cannon, for example, is actually a higher damage buff than Well of Radiance and has proven useful when it comes to defeating King’s Fall raid bosses quickly.
As it stands now, though, the most common combination for Destiny 2 endgame fireteams is to have one Divinity user for the 30% debuff (and the easier to hit crit spot), a Well of Radiance for the 30% damage buff and protection from incoming damage, a damage mod on the weapon (i.e. Boss Spec or Adept Big Ones Spec), and a damage boosting perk on the weapon (i.e. Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line). Altogether, this should be the optimum strategy for any base level raid team, but those who want to push the damage output even higher can use the infographic and consider alternate strategies.
While Destiny 2 might still be a straightforward shooter to a lot of players, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than some realize. Hopefully, this helpful breakdown from FmladUpdates helps and cheers to them for creating it.
Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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