Dell’s Concept Stanza converts your chicken scratch to digital text

dell’s concept stanza converts your chicken scratch to digital text

Here it is. | Dell

Dell has shown off a new concept device that (let’s be honest) may never actually come out — but it’s a lot of fun to play with. The Concept Stanza is an 11-inch tablet that’s meant to simplify the process of taking notes at work. The idea is that if you write on the Stanza and then double tap your notes, they’ll be instantly converted to digital text. Connect it to a computer, and your notes will show up on the big screen.

Now, this is obviously not a revolutionary use case — devices like Samsung Galaxy Notes can convert handwritten notes to digital ones already. But the big difference with the Stanza is that it’s just for writing — there are no cameras, speakers, or ports on the device, in an effort to create what Dell describes as a…

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