Deathloop’s huge new update brings DLSS, DualSense audio for PC, crash fixes, and more

deathloop’s huge new update brings dlss

Deathloop is an incredible game but also one with its fair share of nasty issues, particularly on PC — where some have experienced seriously stuttery performance and a nasty crash just as you’re supposed to crash the game’s penultimate party. Now, it appears Arkane Studios is coming fast and furious with the fixes and a little something extra as well.

A new 11GB update can add extra immersion to PC by letting you hear Julianna’s radio transmissions through a connected PS5 controller. Plus there’s brand-new support for Nvidia DLSS, letting you potentially eke out a substantial amount of extra performance if you’re willing to exchange your native resolution for a slickly AI-upscaled version. (The game supported AMD’s rival FSR from the…

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