Death Stranding Director’s Cut makes the most of the PS5

death stranding director’s cut makes the most of the ps5

Okay, I’ll make the obvious joke: was there really anything cut from Death Stranding? For better and worse, Hideo Kojima’s deeply indulgent post-apocalyptic delivery simulator did not feel like it had been subject to heavy editing. But Kojima himself has said that he doesn’t like the name of this new PlayStation 5 version of the game, dubbed a “director’s cut,” arguing instead that it has simply had new content produced for it. So there you have it.

In any case, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is one of the more worthwhile PS5 upgrades out there. For $10 (if you own the PS4 release), this new edition comes with extra missions, improved visuals and performance, more tools and items, DualSense-powered haptic feedback, and 3D audio support….

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