Caring for an aging population: Past, Present, Future – The Daily Briefing

By Yulan&nbspEganMiriam&nbspSznycer-Taub
March 28, 2022
Older adults, defined as people aged 65 and older, make up a larger part of the health care system than ever before. This growing segment of the population has very different demographics and health needs. To create a sustainable model and provide the best level of care, we have to understand who makes up the older adult population, how their financial and health status has changed over time, and what labor force supports them.
In this infographic series, we explore:
Explore the collection of resources that our team has developed to help you understand how the industry is currently caring for older adults (ages 65+), why change is essential, and how industry stakeholders can collaborate to build a better care model for seniors.
For footnotes, see the pdf.
For footnotes, see the pdf.
For footnotes, see the pdf.
For footnotes, see the pdf.
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