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77% of shoppers buy from brands that share similar values.
A study by Havas reveals that 77% of consumers buy from brands that share similar values. Specifically, consumers look for meaningful content. That is why 58% of the content produced by the top 1,800 brands remains irrelevant to consumers. Therefore, brands need to improve their personal branding to engage consumers and boost ROI.
DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the tips for building a personal brand.
MannMark CEO Laurie Mann claims that to build a personal brand, entrepreneurs should have a clearly defined audience since it is the key to developing tailored content that drives engagement.
“In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s imperative to start by defining your target audience,” said Mann. “Research shows that targeted advertisements are, on average, almost twice as effective as non-targeted ads. When your target audience is clearly defined, every detail of your content can be perfectly tailored to engage your clients, leading to satisfied customers and overwhelmingly positive feedback.”
According to Noemi Zambello, senior creative designer at The Brink Agency, optimizing the website for elements that enable creating a unique image can help entrepreneurs build a personal brand.
“To build a personal brand, entrepreneurs should create a unique image for themselves,” said Zambello. “One way to achieve this is to optimize their websites by adding essential information about themselves such as interests, previous experiences and accomplishments, unique value proposition and a professional logo to define and reinforce their identity. This will help communicate the business personality and shape the consumers' perceptions of who they are.”
In the opinion of James Dawson, branding specialist at JD Designs, entrepreneurs should focus on posting content that brings value to the audience while sharing it across various channels.    
"Ensure that your message is consistently providing value to your audience,” said Dawson. “You will win their trust and loyalty by being generous in sharing your knowledge wisdom, and tips that focus on solving customer problems. Repurpose these valuable insights across social, blogs, infographics, etc."
DesignRush released the May list of the best branding agencies that can help entrepreneurs communicate their unique identity and clear value to audiences.
1. Delatour Design Paris –
Expertise: Branding, Packaging Design, Creative/Strategic Consulting and more
2. co –
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Consulting and more
3. Plai Büro –
Expertise: Branding & Rebranding, Packaging Design, AR & VR Development and more
4. MannMark –
Expertise: Public Relations, Graphic Design, Branding and more
5. Powerplant Creative –
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Branding, Packaging Design and more
6. 10Com –
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and more
7. Posta Studio –
Expertise: Naming, Logo Design, Brand Messaging and more
8. Arfa Technologies –
Expertise: Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Packaging Design and more
9. The Brink Agency –
Expertise: Visual Design, Branding & Brand Book, Copywriting and more
10. JD Designs –
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Print Design and more
11. KERN Design Lab –
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Video Production and more
12. Henning, Inc. –
Expertise: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging Design and more
13. BAKER –
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Package Design and more
14. Rocket Farm –
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Rebranding, Collateral & Print and more
15. Logo Bigger –
Expertise: Naming, Logo Design, Stationery Design and more
Brands can explore the top branding agencies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.
About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies through expert reviews and agency ranking lists, awards, knowledge resources and personalized agency recommendations for vetted projects.
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