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Pinterest is adding search filters for different hair textures

Hair Pattern Desktop Image.0

Pinterest’s new hair pattern search feature. | Image: Pinterest Pinterest is launching a search tool to help people narrow their hair inspiration searches by hair pattern. When users search for hairstyles, new filter options — for coily, curly, wavy, and straight textures, as well as shaved / bald and protective styles — will appear under […]

Where to get free illustrations: 25 free sources

get free illustrations

We have compiled a super selection of sites where you can downloadand get free illustrations on any topic of your projects. The collection includes both sites with free illustrations And if you know more cool resources – add them in the comments! We will expand the article. Flatobjects Illustration cost: free Homies 3D Illustration cost:  paid Free  3D  icon Illustration […]

Graphic Design Course at OSU 2021

Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design Course at OSU The internet illustration class is organized to keep you connected and involved with your fellow classmates and instructors during the course. The majority of lessons, demonstrations and assignments will be sent through teleconferencing by your teachers during class time, though other study materials are also available as audio CDs after […]