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Wyze’s security camera pay-what-you-want subscription accepts $0

Wyze Labs Inc WyzeCam.0

A Wyze security camera. | Image: Wyze Wyze has officially launched a new pay-what-you-want subscription tier for its lineup of home security cameras called Cam Plus Lite. In a forum post, the company explains that Cam Plus Lite includes Person Detection, which alerts you when it detects a human being rather than just motion, as […]

PCIe 6.0 is coming for the speedy SSDs and GPUs of the future


PCI Express 5.0 has only just started arriving on the consumer side, but the specification for PCIe 6.0 has just been finalized. The PCI Special Interest Group has published the final specs for PCIe 6.0, doubling the bandwidth over the 5.0 version up to a theoretical maximum bidirectional speed of 256GBps on an x16 slot […]

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile say they’re not blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay

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T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T — the three biggest US cellular carriers — have all confirmed to The Verge that they aren’t blocking Apple’s new iCloud Private Relay feature, following reports that some customers were having issues with the VPN-like feature. AT&T and Verizon straight-up say they’re not blocking the feature from functioning. Verizon spokesperson George […]

The App Store clones are here to profit off Wordle’s success

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Copies of the popular web app have made it past App Review. Wordle, the word-guessing puzzle game that’s taken over our Twitter timelines, doesn’t currently have an official app. That may come as a surprise to anyone who’s searched for it on the App Store, though — doing so will show you several blatant unofficial […]

California budget aims to clear up port congestion and pollution


Southern California Ports Work Through Night To Help Ease Congestion | Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images California Governor Gavin Newsom’s newly proposed budget includes plans to tackle pollution choking portside communities while also expanding the state’s capacity to accommodate the nation’s growing hunger for imported consumer goods. The proposal comes as pandemic-fueled supply chain problems […]

Apple’s $19 polishing cloth is back in stock online

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You can buy the cloth once again. | Image: Apple Apple’s $19 polishing cloth is back in stock at the company’s online store, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The very expensive piece of cloth was first introduced following Apple’s October event, but it was quickly backordered — according to MacRumors, it was “impossible” to get one […]

White House says that insurers are required to reimburse or pay for at-home COVID tests


Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images At a press conference on Monday, the Biden administration announced a policy that will require insurance companies to reimburse up to eight over-the-counter at-home COVID-19 tests for their customers beginning January 15th, as first reported by the Associated Press. The administration said in a Twitter thread that […]

The excellent Beats Fit Pro earbuds are coming to many more countries on January 28th

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Beats’ best earbuds yet, the Beats Fit Pro, were only available in the United States immediately upon their release a few months ago. Apple then launched the earbuds in China, but now they’re set to become much more widely available on January 28th. That’s when the Beats Fit […]