Black + Decker’s $300 Bev vacuums up a Keurig-shaped hole in the robot bartender space

black + decker’s $300 bev vacuums up a keurig-shaped hole in the robot bartender space

What if instead of coffee, your Keurig dispensed alcoholic drinks? Well, Keurig actually made a gadget like that — a $300 cocktail-making pod machine called the Drinkworks Home Bar that turned disposable pods into cold beverages. Only Keurig and Anheuser-Busch mysteriously shut down that venture just three weeks ago, going so far as to appoint a settlement administrator to offer refunds. Which leaves a perfect space in the market for a competitor to step in: Black & Decker of dustbuster, power tool and small kitchen appliance fame.

The $300 Black + Decker Bev is coming this spring with what might be the most practical (and ugly) take on the robot bartender yet. Unlike every competitor I could find on the web, it literally looks like a…

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