Beyond Bebop: a guide to the works of Shinichiro Watanabe

beyond bebop: a guide to the works of shinichiro watanabe

Carole & Tuesday. | Image: Netflix

Thanks to its heavy Western pop culture influences and long life in reruns on Adult Swim, Cowboy Bebop has long been one of Americans’ most successful gateway drugs to anime. With the original anime now streaming on Netflix in advance of its live-action adaptation premiering November 19th, even more new viewers can discover “the work which becomes a new genre itself.” However, while Bebop is as close to a household name as adult-oriented anime get in the States, director Shinichiro Watanabe’s other works have never found the same level of mainstream success, despite featuring much of the same stunning animation, beautiful music, and sharp post-modernist sensibility that made Bebop a hit.

If you’ve enjoyed Bebop, here’s a guide to help…

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