Best Professional Resume Templates & Tips For Job-Seekers

best professional resume templates & tips for job-seekers

There are many ways to showcase your artistic personality and assert yourself as a designer. You start with your works, continue with your creative portfolio — but what you need to pass it to the employer is a well-made CV or resume.

Professional resume templates can do you lots of good by setting the right accents and embracing the most mattering information in a single place. Besides, most templates come with tons of extras like infographics, icons, or font combinations tips, which opposes them to stiff and boring resumes made in text editors. And sometimes, it simply turns out that it’s too long to make them from scratch.


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However, once you are convinced that you need a resume template to present your skills, background, and portfolio to the employer, you risk getting stumbled on multiple questions and doubts. Like what type of resume you should better stick to or what you’d better start with if you have no prior experience. Besides, there are so many options to choose from: there are basic resume templates with universal design and creative resume templates — however, is it okay to use them? And finally, is it critical to use templates designed for particular positions and niches: like IT, design, or anything else? 

Don’t worry, I’m here with all the answers, tips, and, of course, a huge bunch of the best

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